Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I’m ready. I’ve got my grandma mode ready to go. I’m guessing my daughter-in-law probably has her suitcase packed for the hospital. I suspect my son is keeping his car filled with gas, just in case the baby comes early. And I know I’m ready: got my bling, got my threads.

On the day of my little granddaughter’s birth in December, I will put on my brand new pink t-shirt that announces I am the “New Grandma.” And I will put on my brand new grandmother’s necklace sporting the very first of (I hope) many little baby rings, this one with a December birthstone.

It doesn’t matter what is happening the day the baby is born: wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah, or an invitation to Barack Obama's inaugural ball. Whatever I’m doing and wherever I’m going, the “New Grandma” t-shirt and grandmother necklace are the dress of the day. I’ve got them all laid out, ready to go. Like I said: got my bling, got my threads. I’m ready to be a grandma.


Anonymous said...

You go, gramma!

Anonymous said...

I wish you well! Gramma Hood is great! LMA