Saturday, May 23, 2009


Thursday started out to be a gloomy, cloudy day with a stiff northwest wind. I think that was why I didn’t realize right away that it was Pink Day.

Later that afternoon, maybe around 2 p.m., the clouds started disappearing and the sun made its way out. The temperature climbed and the sky was almost completely blue when I started my four miler at about 3:30 p.m. I hadn’t gone a half a block when it hit me: it was Pink Day—the day the flowering crab trees in our neighborhood burst out in their pink blossoms, announcing that it is finally spring.

We have a flowering crab tree right outside our living room window, too, that on Pink Day at sunset makes the whole living room take on a rosy glow. Over the years on Pink Day, I grab whomever happens to be around and stand them in front of the flowering crab tree for a picture. Sometimes it’s one of my children—or maybe two. Sometimes it’s a cat. Sometimes it’s one of my children holding a cat.

Pink Day 1991

I can remember several years when Pink Day came in early May when I was still teaching. I always resented the waste of all those pink blossoms at home, peaking out, while I was stuck inside a building at work. But this year, of course, I am able to maximize the pinkness. Retired people have all the luck.

Pink Day 2008

Halleluiah! Pink Day is here! Luckily, I have a "kid" home for Memorial Day weekend—now all I need is my camera and a cat!

Pink Day 2009


bd said...

Pink DAY is right! The flowering crab in my yard is full too...which means it will shortly blow or rain and the blossoms are quickly gone. Good reminder to "seize the day!"...stop and smell the flowers:-)

j9 said...

I heart PINK DAY!! Those are some great photos...I may go back to the permed mop top. HOT!! I also think that Poppy loves Shannon, just a little.

Stacy said...

I hardly recognized j9 with the permed mop top! Very funny!