Monday, February 22, 2010


The house we’re staying in while we’re in Arizona belongs to a friend of our son’s. My son is officially the “house caretaker” while his friend is out of town for a few months, so that’s how the plan for us to stay here was hatched.

His friend is a single guy and has only lived in the house for eight months. Like many bachelors, interior decorating/home improvement is number eleventy-billion on his list of activities to spend his time on. So part of the deal while we are here is to do just that—home improvement projects—under the guidance of our son, the home improvement guru.

We love it. It’s a beautiful house that just needs some TLC, and we feel at home in it already.
So today, after I’d given the inside a thorough cleaning, I attacked the back yard. The weeds were as high as an elephant’s eye. In fact, I wasn’t quite sure if some of them were bushes or weeds. After awhile, I just shrugged, and my motto became “When in doubt, pull them out.” It made me feel kind of patriotic.

Before (yes, those are weeds):


After: Do you want to hire Tom and me as your gardeners? All offers will be entertained.

(For those of you who remember my primary reason to be here, I also got to take care of Colbie this afternoon while her parents were busy. She talks and talks and talks . . . we have actual conversations that make sense! Fourteen months old, and she’s already my very best friend. PLUS--PLUS--Tom and I took a four-mile walk OUTSIDE this afternoon. How terrific is that?)


bd said...

I are in heaven!

Jenny said...

So jealous! That is all I have to say today.

Elaine said...

You got all of that done in one day? I'll sign on as a client for house and yard care! I love that yard!

zach.lange said...

Maybe Sig wouldn't mind two old live-ins from MN full time?? And with his deployment income you could just hang a sign around your neck: Will weed for food. Those military guys need someone(s) to spend their money on...

2to4aday said...

Sara: Tom and I know how to be very, very quiet. It's a gift that old people have. I'll bet Sig wouldn't even notice we were still living in his house with him until at least July or August! It's worth a try.

Bungalow'56 said...

So very envious!