Saturday, July 17, 2010


Imagine coming home from a three-day absence and finding a yard full of this:
The Youth Mission Group at our church is having a fund raiser for a trip to Mexico this summer, and for a fee, anyone can “Flock” someone's yard. The sign our our door said, “Congratulations! You’ve been FLOCKED!”

Who would do such a thing to two mild-mannered, community-minded, God-fearing senior citizens like Tom and myself? Who would look at a bin full of pink flamingos and think, “Let’s flock those geezers!”?

The culprits?
You know who you are! (And most likely, it was the short, blond one’s idea.)

You’d better watch out—Tom and I are famous for our devious plots to get even! We may be old, but we have many, many tricks up our sleeves—and we have friends in low places. Be afraid—be very afraid . . . heh, heh, heh . . .


bd said...

they give kind of a festive look don't you think:-) I'd take them over Canadian geese ...they don't leave such a mess

Anonymous said...

Is that Julie who "flocked" you? Great idea! I also love to get even. Maybe you could advertise a garage sale at her house when there is none. Just a thought. Maryln L.
PS Whenever I'm feeling a little unsettled, I think "I wonder if Rachael's posted another blog?" I am inspired by your writings. I'm also shocked that sweet Rachael often has the same thoughts as me :).