Sunday, January 11, 2009


I just watched an excellent movie. (I can tell a movie’s good when I look down at the odometer on the treadmill and I’ve gone four miles without even realizing it.)

The movie is Vitus (subtitles since it’s a Swiss movie) and it stars a 12-year-old prodigy with an IQ of 180 or so (played by a 12-year-old who’s a piano prodigy in real life). If you speak Swiss-German, you won’t need the subtitles; if you don’t speak Swiss-German, you’ll need to do like the rest of us and read as you’re watching. I always use subtitles on the treadmill anyway because I’d have to crank the t.v. up to “raise the roof” volume in order to hear it over the noise of my highly intense athletic workout (or else I just have noisy shoes).

Vitus is a love story between a boy and his grandfather. Very insightful movie—the kind you don’t want to end. And the kind that make the walk on the treadmill seem almost like a walk on the trail.


bd said...

Sounds like a good show, but what are the chances it will come to Dahlen's Short Stop in Ashby?

2to4aday said...

That's why you need to subscribe to Netflix, bd!! I have seen more wonderful movies in the year and a half I've had Netflix than I saw in the rest of my life all put together. (Do I sound like a Netflix advertisement??)

Tell the mister that you want Netflix for your birthday!