Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Because we were gone so much during Christmas, I have been reluctant to take down the Christmas tree. I like having its glowing presence in the living room as I sit and read in the evening. Besides, Hobie (my Jabba the Hutt cat) loves to chew on the lower branches. Every morning, my carpet has at least one hairball festively adorned with fake green pine needles intertwined with cat fur. Since we both enjoy the tree so much (me for its ambience, the cat for its plastic pine digestive aid qualities), I have left it up a little longer than usual.

But today I took it down. And when I did, I carefully packed away my ornaments that I’ve collected from our travels. I know I did this once before, but golly—I won’t be seeing them again for a year and it makes me kind of sad to pack them away.

Spanish lady from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Cherub from Rome, Italy

Estonian lady from Tallinn

Lighthouse from Sanibel Island, Florida

Sand dollar from Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, California

Okay, it's all put away now. Adios, arrivederci, hej då, jumalaga, goodby, my little ornaments. Until we meet again around the Christmas tree next year.


Elaine said...

You have some very interesting little treasures. I can see why they are difficult to put away.

bd said...

I find ornaments are hard to pack away too-gifts from special people, a fun day at the craft show, some old ones from childhood- all have special memories.