Friday, August 07, 2009


I keep finding Happy Baby Organic Banana Puffs stuck around my house in odd places—in the crack between the couch cushions or in the folds of a towel in the laundry pile. Those fluffy, tasteless little puffs stick to everything.

I am still finding brightly colored plastic donuts from the Rock-a-Stack—in my purse, under the couch, in the back seat of the car. Colbie really liked those plastic donuts—especially the green and blue ones.

I’ve folded up the high chair, put away the bibs, collapsed the stroller, washed the sheet for the Pack-and-Play portable crib. I found the three little books I tried to read to her one day, but she just wanted to eat them (lending new meaning to the term “this is a really good book”). She especially loved “Go Dog Go.”

Whenever I hear a noise, I momentarily think, “Oh, Colbie’s awake,” until I remember she’s not here anymore and the noise is really just a cat wanting to come inside or a dove coo through the open window--or maybe Tom scratching himself.

It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a reminder that Colbie is back in Arizona and I’m back to being a civilian again—an off-duty grandmother.

Withdrawal—grandbaby withdrawal. I’m not exactly in a fetal position, but it’s darn close.


Jenny said...

You sound just like my mom! Just when I think she's ready to get rid of us and have her house back, she's calling the next day so she can hear William talk on the phone. We should all be so lucky to have grandparents like that!

2to4aday said...

Jenny: We happened to sit behind your mom at church on Saturday night when she was taking care of Lucy. If it is possible for a human being to glow with happiness, your mom was glowing. And Lucy? She was perfect!