Sunday, August 23, 2009

SIGH . . .

Do you remember how my previous master home decorating plan was to just wait until Tom and I were going to sell our house in the year 2039 when we went to the nursing home, and then redecorate in the d├ęcor fashion of the day so the house would sell?

And do you remember when I wrote about the decorating intervention my daughters performed on me in June? (See July 25 entry, "Intervention")?

And do you remember the hours and hours we spent on ladders, scraping wallpaper off the walls of the kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms? Hours and hours—some of the wallpaper coming off in tiny, slimy pieces that responded only to brute strength and foul language?

And do you remember how we now have painted just about every wall in our house, completely eradicating the out-of-date 1986 wallpaper?

Do you remember?

Check out Friday’s headline in the “Life” section of our newspaper:


I should have stuck with the 2039 plan.


Anonymous said...

Maybe so, Mom, but will those "patterns, designs" still look fashionable in ten years? Your walls will still look great then, so have no fear! You did the right thing. s.

Grandma Nettie said...

Didn't your "one step ahead of all the fashion trends" sister tell you the same thing yesterday! But never fear, your painted walls look better any day-your daughters steered you right.

2to4aday said...

Awww . . . I hate it when you're right. When I look at the gaudy, cluttery wallpaper in the pictures, and then I look at my nice, clean, uncluttered, beautifully painted walls--no comparison! Glad I did it, even though I'm already out of style. Is it okay if I keep the current paint until 2039??