Wednesday, March 03, 2010


With all the traveling we had been doing in the past week-and-a-half, the 5K training program had been put on the back burner. While we were in Minnesota, all I had to do was trot down the basement stairs and jump on my treadmill, the evil machine that measured my time and distance with space-shot accuracy.

After we arrived in Arizona, the 60- and 70-degree temperatures outside made it easy to do the daily 3- or 4-mile walk. But the big question became, where could I run? I was used to running in the privacy of my cellar with no one to see me except the non-judgmental spider in the corner. The thought of running in a public place made me very uncomfortable. Would someone call the police? Summon an ambulance?

I shouldn’t have worried. Phoenix is a city of 5 million people, and they all seem to be in their cars driving somewhere. Fast. But I think I’ve found a place or two near our temporary home where nobody will panic if they see old people running down the street. In fact, I’ve found that Phoenix is a place where you see lots of old people running down the street. The place is crawling with old people running down the street. In fact, you feel a little out of place if you aren't running down the street.

So if you are in town and want to see and hear much huffing, puffing, panting, and perspiring (and who doesn’t), you might catch me on Palm Valley Road:

Don’t dial 9-1-1. Don’t stop and offer us CPR. Don’t offer us a ride home. It may look like a medical emergency, but I’m just training for a 5K with Tom trotting by my side for moral support. It may look like we’re gasping for our last breath, but that’s just an optical illusion. In reality, we’re floating along in a smooth, slow motion shot, with “Brian’s Song” swelling in the background. At least I think it’s “Brian’s Song.” It’s tough to tell over the sound of our gasping for air.


Anonymous said...

Love the action shot, Mom! You're going to do great at the race. s.

Bungalow'56 said...

Good Luck. The weather looks beautiful! I'm feeling guilty sitting here at my computer...

Jenny said...

You look hot! (And I don't mean warm.)

2to4aday said...

s: My only goal is to stay alive during the race. Stay alive.

Dana: Don't feel guilty at your computer. The way I run, you are probably burning more calories writing than I am running!

Jenny: Luckily, this is not video. Even if I did by some fluke look hot in this still photo, the heavy panting detracts from the overall effect of hotness.