Monday, April 12, 2010


I decided that I would roll my Wife Calculator back to zero in honor of Tom’s monumental achievement. While up at Rainy River over the weekend, he caught the biggest walleye he has ever caught in his life: 30 inches, nose to tail, and approximately 10 ½ pounds.

He caught it, proudly held it up for his fishing partner to photograph, and gently returned it to the river. Hopefully, that same fish will survive to make another fisherman’s dream come true, too.

So he gets this fishing trip for free—no hours will be recorded on the wife calculator. There's just something about a man holding a walleye that turns my knees to mush.

What a fisherman! What a walleye! What a thrill!


bd said...

Awesome catch! And shouldn't he get extra points for not wanting to bring it home and wanting to hang it on the wall?

j9 said...

It's beautiful! A face only a mother could love.