Sunday, August 22, 2010


Most of the time, I’m content with my wishy-washy, middle-of-the-road views. I never get too bent out of shape when people are discussing politics or religion or illegal immigrants or the national budget crisis. I like all kinds of music, all kinds of books, all kinds of movies. I’m not locked into eating any particular kinds of foods. I usually just muddle through life in a gray-colored fog of apathy and leave the rabble-rousing fervency to others.

That’s why I feel kind of excited when I have a “very favorite” anything.

So I’d like to make an official announcement: I absolutely love Audrey Tautou. I believe I can state unequivocally that she is my very favorite actress.

I like every movie I’ve ever seen her in. Even if the movie itself isn’t that terrific, Audrey Tautou always rises above a mediocre plot and shines. I think of her as a natural, understated comedienne—able to pull off quirky, off-the-wall humor in the most subtle way imaginable.

I first saw her in Amelie, which I wrote about in an earlier blog. Then I watched She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. She was in The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. Last night, I watched A Very Long Engagement. I loved Audrey Tautou so much after I watched that movie, I also went to Instant Play in Netflix and watched her in Happenstance, staying up waaaaaay past my bedtime to do so.

In most of Audrey Tautou’s movies, viewers have to read English subtitles because she’s a French actress. But I’m willing to do that. Absolutely. Because so far, I haven’t met an Audrey Tautou film I didn’t like.

Note: Since French films are sometimes a little more casually open than many American films, you may not want to invite your Sunday School teacher over for “movie night.”

I’ve got Coco Before Chanel in my Netflix queue. On the next rainy or heavily humid day when I’m forced to do my daily two to four miles inside, Audrey Tautou and I will be downstairs on the treadmill working out together. I’ll be sweating, but Audrey will be as cool as a cucumber, brightening up the screen with her huge talent.

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Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I love Audrey too. Thank you for all these titles. My eldest was in Quebec and one of the movies shown was Amelie. Oh my,,, the opening scene? I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of her work. Thank you.