Saturday, November 06, 2010


Yesterday, Tom and I took a three-mile walk on the Central Lakes Trail. During the time we were out there, we saw only two other people on the trail. Two other people!!

Listen up, folks. This balmy, Minnesota Indian Summer weather will not last forever (see ten-day weather forecast below):

Today, Nov 06, Partly Cloudy 54°/37°
Sun., Nov 07, Partly Cloudy 58°/40°
Mon., Nov 08, Partly Cloudy 56°/41°
Tue., Nov 09, Few Showers 54°/37°
Wed., Nov 10, Few Showers 45°/32°
Thu., Nov 11, Partly Cloudy 41°/29°
Fri., Nov 12, Partly Cloudy 38°/25°
Sat., Nov. 13, Snow Shower 33°/25°
Sun., Nov 14, Partly Cloudy 36°/25°
Mon., Nov 15, Partly Cloudy 36°/26°


Do you see that temperature plummeting? After next Tuesday, it could be cloudy, rainy, 30- and 40-degree temperatures. By next Saturday, it might be snowing. If this 10-day weather forecast doesn’t convince you that winter is coming, then what will?

Here’s my point:

1) We’re all not getting any younger.
2) The weather isn’t getting any better.
3) Get out and walk!

The next time Tom and I are walking on the trail, I’d better see you out there or you’re in BIG trouble. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that the 10-day forecast doesn't include words like "snow," and "30 degrees," please disregard the above paid political announcement.


Elaine said...

It was 77 in Galt yesterday, but unfortunately, I did not walk. It is that crazy job that starts at 3:00 a.m. that keeps me from doing almost everything.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by your blog, I walked 5 miles on the Luce Line today! s.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

We are having lovely weather too. But only for a few more days, and I hang my head in shame. I haven't been out walking.