Friday, November 12, 2010


It was one of those “FWD: FWD” emails. You know the type. We all have a friend or a relative who sends us every forwarded email ever invented on the face of the earth.

This one said: “Look at the picture below close up. Then look at it from 15 feet away.” (Try it. It really works. Fifteen feet, no cheating.) From close up—Albert Einstein. From 15 feet away, Marilyn Monroe. It’s a miracle.

So I said to Tom, “From now on, I want you to look at me from 15 feet away. I have a feeling I’ll look better.”

So he stood 15 feet away.

“So who do I look like?” I asked hopefully.

“Albert Einstein,” he said.

“All righty then . . .,” I said, turning away. I guess it doesn’t always work.


Elaine said...

Love it! Greg is a huge MM fan--well, and Albert Einstein, too. He liked it, too!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Loved it... made me chuckle... out loud.

Anonymous said...

From 7 feet, 2 1/4 inches, I believe it looks like Tom! (The nose)