Monday, March 16, 2009


As usual, my favorite times are when our far-flung family can all be together at the same time. On Saturday night, after some of the family went to a Royals/Diamondbacks spring exhibition game up in Surprise, we all got together at our Pebble Creek rental and had dinner with lots of carbs for the girls because they were running an 8K on Sunday morning. The rest of us just ate lots of carbs in emotional support of their race.

After dinner, we all convened around the fire pit on the patio (notice: no logs—just gas and some space-age plastic chips) where we decided which of the family we wanted to sacrifice to the Arizona gods of dandy weather. Colbie was very fascinated by the flames, and I thought she looked especially cute by firelight.

Low-Tech Family Gathered Around the High-Tech Fire Pit

Today, Shannon, Jeanine, David, Tom, and I hiked up South Mountain. I don’t care how much “tilt” you put on your treadmill. Nothing in Minnesota quite prepares you to walk up a mountain—especially when it was mentioned that yesterday's local news reported that a man had died of a heart attack hiking up a Phoenix mountain. My heart was pounding fairly hard a few times, but luckily it held together.

Ten years ago, I would have been reading a book in the parking lot at the bottom of the trail. But now Tom and I are machines (well, perhaps machines is an exaggeration). At least we are at the point where we can make it to the top and don’t need to be evacuated by the Medi-Helicopter along the way.

One-third of the way. We still had 25 miles to go (or so it seemed).

Beautiful Day to be Standing on Top of a Mountain! Hurray for Spring Break!

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