Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Tom and I got to start our official babysitting duties today, and let me tell you, it was miles more rewarding than hanging around Pebble Creek and watching old people get older.

I will be the first to admit that Colbie much prefers her mother and father to Tom and me. However, when they aren’t around, she likes us just fine! We did a little fast talking a few times, and I’ll have to admit that I made train noises as I choo-chooed around the house, bouncing her out of some exciting moments. But she took a bottle from me, tolerated my changing her diaper twice, and even went to sleep (no doubt bored to death with skills I honed as a classroom teacher).

Tom and I feel like real grandparents now instead of those fake, long-distance wannabe kinds. And we get to go back Thursday and Friday to do it again. We will treasure this chance to spend some time with Colbie and have her get to know us. We have been feeling like Minnesota is a v-e-r-y long ways away from Arizona.


bd said...

I see a Web cam in your future:-)

Anonymous said...

More pictures please!

Anonymous said...

Your picture makes me anxious to have a little one to hold again. Sally has dr appointments weekly now, and we are hoping for a March baby instead of an April one (sorry, Tom). Have you figured out how to use the new "equipment" that has been invented since our baby days?