Saturday, April 18, 2009


On the last morning we were in Phoenix, April 1, I wanted to show my son and daughter-in-law what I had noticed the day before: how Colbie was already interested in books and being read to. She had excitedly looked at the pictures in four books as I read them to her.

Sure enough, we pulled out a book, and Colbie again listened carefully, mesmerized by the pictures and the sound of a voice. Does anyone need any further proof that not only is my granddaughter beautiful beyond description, but also smart beyond her 4 months (3½ months at the time)?

If anyone hears of a good deal on airline tickets to Phoenix, please let me know.

P.S. I have now been blogging exactly one year (first entry was April 19, 2008). I am sincerely grateful for the three or so people who have read my ramblings so faithfully over the past year, hoping that some day I'll actually write something worth reading. Bless your faith and persistence!


Elaine said...

Me--I read faithfully and persistently!!! I think you should write and get paid for it! The baby is beautiful, and a genius. You are a wonderful grandmother.

bd said...

Count me to faithfully read your blog...I think you are so entertaining/humorous/insightful and should look at writing as your next career. I KNOW others are reading too but not commenting...chickens!

Anonymous said...

Mama...I haven't missed one blog yet! This is almost as good as "I'll Drive You..."!!!-r

Annette said...

This is really a great injustice that you (who was born to be a Grandma) can't just pop over and see Colbie any time you want. Keep searching for those cheap tickets to Arizona! Octagranny Netty