Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday was my father’s 92nd birthday. He did NOT want a party. He just wanted to sit quietly in his green chair in Room 117 at the nursing home and turn 92 with “no fuss” (his words).

Well, a person can’t just let his or her father turn 92 with no recognition whatsoever, so we honored his wishes and just did the minimum. Only people who lived within 20 miles of the nursing home and were coincidentally in the neighborhood anyway stopped by—purely by chance and accident. Nobody made him a cake—but Pete’s County Market happened to have Oreo cakes on special, and we were curious what an Oreo cake tasted like.

And most importantly, nobody went out and bought 92 candles to light. Instead, one of us just dug in the back of her cupboard and resurrected the oft-used birthday number candles. It’s a shame to waste them by using them only once.

Candles Appear for the First Time on December 23, 2004

Candles Appear for the Second Time on November 8, 2008

Candles Appear for the Third Time on April 25, 2009

So, our dad’s 92nd birthday got noticed—but not celebrated, just like he wanted. He would have been pleased to know that the candles were being recycled.

P.S. J-9, what are you doing on May 24, 2010? I’d suggest you come home and celebrate your birthday. We’ve already got the candles for your cake.


Elaine said...

I think recycling is such a great way to conserve our planet--even if it is just cake candles. Good for you for doing your part! Was the Oreo cake good?

Elaine said...

Oh, yeah, wait a minute. . . I sent the prior comment too soon. I know what else you can do with the candles. You can use half of them for Colbie's second birthday, and then seven years later, use the other half.

2to4aday said...

Brilliant! PLUS . . . I can turn the 9 upside down, keep the 2, and use it for my own birthday cake in a couple of years! The possibilities are endless!

bd said...

Uncle Elmer F would be so proud!