Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wait a minute! You're cheating! This is Act 3. Go read Acts 1 and 2 first.

(Note: Please remember—whenever Tom’s memories of events are not entirely clear, I just make things up. It’s called poetic license or writer’s prerogative or artist’s liberty or some such label. What it means is that it happened sorta, kinda, maybe like this; and if that old fart I live with had a better memory, I could write documentaries.)


The Scene: Morrie’s new house in Fargo, sometime in the mid-1970s.

Synopsis: When Morrie (one of the original Bison Arms roommmates) and his new wife move to a home in Fargo, Tom secretly unearths the Krane Blooger painting from our basement utility room. While I distract Morrie with my witty conversation(I'm not very witty--he is just easily distracted), Tom surreptitiously replaces a lovely Monet print in their living room with the Krane Blooger untitled oil original as a “housewarming gift.”

Tag, you’re it.

Morrie discovers the Krane Blooger painting on his wall after Tom leaves. And that begins the tradition that has spanned almost forty years: every time Morrie or Tom move or redecorate or repaint or recarpet or remodel or get a new office, the Krane Blooger painting is sneaked into the home or office as a housewarming gift.

Tag, you’re it.

The tradition was also expanded to include John, another close friend and former NDSU classmate. The painting has traveled between Minneapolis, Alexandria, and Fargo dozens of times over the past 35 years. However, its wall time has been seriously limited. It usually hangs on a wall a total of ten minutes before it is once again stored in an attic or a basement or the garage rafters.

(Stay tuned for Act 4 to get the answer to your questions: Will this story improve? Is it better to just go home during intermission and avoid the traffic?)

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bd said...

After looking at this print for a couple days via the blog, what can you say, it really isn't such a work of art is it. What a fun life it has had as a "traveling trophy" tho!