Saturday, October 17, 2009


(Ahem—excuse me, but you can’t just start here. Please go back and read Acts 1 and 2, and Act 3 first. No fair reading ahead. Please drop the unattractive entitlement attitude; you have to muddle through, just like everyone else.)

The Scene: A weekend get-together with Tom, Morrie, John, and their wives, 2009.

Synopsis: This weekend, like other weekends over the years, the friends have discussed the whereabouts of the artist, Krane Blooger. But underneath the joking is an unspoken undercurrent of skeptical anticipation: Will it be like an episode of “Antique Roadshow” where Colleene Fesko identified the picture below as a folk art work by Mose T and valued it at $1,000?

Mose T Folk Art valued at $1,000 by Antiques Roadshow Appraiser

Is the painting a “paint-over” where a struggling student-loan-debt-laden NDSU student painted over a Van Gogh canvas, just like the one discovered in July of 2008, because Krane couldn’t afford to buy a new canvas of his own?

Concealed Van Gogh Portrait under “Patch of Grass” Painting valued at $50 million

The friends had joked about the painting for 35 years, but there was always that underlying feeling of “what if . . .” What if it has become valuable? What if Krane Blooger is now a world-famous artist? What if primitive oils are in vogue on the East Coast? What if a valuable painting lies underneath?

So there was always a sense that maybe, just maybe, the Krane Blooger would be their ticket out of their middle-class ruts and into the fast lane of the super-rich art world.

(Stay tuned for Act 5, “In Search of Krane Blooger,” or “When Will This *@!*!# Story Ever End?”)

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