Saturday, October 10, 2009


"It couldn’t possibly be October 10,” I say to myself as I look out the window.

Somewhere in Alexandria is a bride, weeping in disappointment, because when she set the date for her wedding—October 10—she envisioned beautifully colored autumn leaves, temperatures in the 60s or 70s, and a luminous blue sky reflecting on a shimmering lake in the background of all her wedding pictures.

Instead, she’ll have this:

Or this:
Or this:

Or this:

My apologies on behalf of all of Minnesota to the poor bride who wanted a beautiful autumn wedding out in the sugar maple-tree adorned lake country, and instead got temperatures in the low 20s, a stiff northwest wind, and snow, for gosh sakes. It never snows on October 10 in Alexandria. It must be that global warming thing where some random ice floe at the Arctic Circle broke loose and landed on top of us.

Poor bride. I hope her wedding dress comes with a turtleneck and a sweater.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that bride of yours didn't plan an outdoor wedding. Minnesota Rule: never plan an outdoor wedding unless you have a very good backup plan. jf