Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I am catching a plane out of Fargo tomorrow and going to Phoenix for eleven days to visit my kids and grandkids. In the meantime, I realize what a fragile bond I have with my blog readers. I can't afford to lose any of you. Sadly, I will not have regular access to a computer for blog postings. I'm doing only the carry-on luggage routine, so it's either clean underwear or my laptop--and I've chosen the more hygienic route.

So could I ask a favor of you? In my absence, would you please read one of my old blogs every day? I will be back on October 18 and I need all of you to be back then, too. Every single one of you. No dropouts. No excuses.

Here are my suggestions for old blogs to read. They're just kind of a cross section of blogs over the past three years, and I kind of liked them for one reason or another.

DAY 1, October 7: Mayo Clinic

Day 2, October 8: Advice with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Day 3, October 9: Signs of Danger

Day 4, October 10: Winter Tracks

Day 5, October 11: Fluffy's Master Plan

Day 6, October 12: As Brave as Mrs. Skogen

Day 7, October 13: Monday Morning Walk

Day 8, October 14: Six Decisions That Change Your Life

Day 9, October 15: Taking My Mother to the Doctor

Day 10, October 16: First Two Men in My Life

Day 11, October 17: 90-Year-Old Logic

So goodbye. Don't forget to come back on October 18.


bd said...

Have a GRAND(mother) time!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I look forward to some wonderful reading!
have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the vacation reading list but-we're looking forward to your return. We're here even if you can't see us. Welcome home. drh