Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It was December 26, 2009, and we had gathered to celebrate my mother’s 91st birthday.

The traditional "Grandma-With-the-Cake" portrait was taken. Smile, Grandma! No, smile bigger! Like you mean it! Like you’re having fun!

The traditional "Grandma-With-the-Cake-and-Two-Granddaughters" portrait was taken. Now, smile, Grandma! Not like you’re on your way to have a colonoscopy. Give us a big, cheerful smile. See how your granddaughters are smiling? Come on! You can do it, too! Let’s see some teeth!

C’mon, Grandma!! Smile, for Pete’s sake. It’s your birthday!!

Okay, you asked for it. Time to bring out the big guns: The Birthday Goose!

Gotcha, Grandma!! No, honestly, Grandma really did get a birthday goose! My sister has no respect. In my family, a woman isn’t safe, even on her 91st birthday.

If we ever invite you to a birthday party at which you are the guest of honor--seriously--watch your backside.


Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed when I saw that picture. ejb

Anonymous said...

It was pretty funny!!! She had been thinking everytime there was a commotion at Diamond Willow in December that there was going to be a surprise party for her. So we wanted her to look surprised and get it out of her system. Leave it to Marian!!!!! Grandma Nettie

Anonymous said...

Today I decided to read.....must be Karma! Good story, and one IS safe at their own party, just don't invite me!