Sunday, January 17, 2010


This morning I was reading an article written by a woman who, five years ago when she was in her 30s, was diagnosed with a particularly virile form of cancer. Her high-grade, rare form of leiomyosarcoma had the doctors giving her only a 30 percent chance of living. It was tough, but she fought like a samurai-warrior-on-steroids to beat it.

The good news is that now, five years later, she is cancer free. But she still goes in for regular CT scans to make sure that the cancer hasn’t recurred. And every time she goes in for a scan, she experiences anxiety: What if the cancer has returned? What will happen to her four children and her husband if she becomes sick again? Would she have the courage to go through the radiation and chemotherapy a second time?

As she goes in for her CT scan, she prays. She doesn’t waste a single prayer on having a fabulous career, a beautiful home, money in the bank, an album full of travel pictures, or a membership at the country club.

Here’s what she prays for: She prays that she will be able to live to see her children grown up. She prays that her husband and she will be able to retire together. She prays to be one of those little old couples she sees in the grocery store, married for forty or fifty or sixty years, tottering along behind their cart with their handful of cents-off coupons. She prays to see a day when she will have grandchildren playing at her feet.

The astonishing part? She is praying to live long enough to live the life I am currently living.

Imagine that . . . just imagine that.


bd said...

Isn't that true, we are so blessed.

Elaine said...

Amen, Sister.

Maryln said...

Wow! Great commentary on putting our concerns in perspective. Thanks.