Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tom and I once got fired from teaching a marriage preparation class at our church.

It’s true. We got fired.

First we got audited—the coordinator of the marriage preparation class sat in the back of our classroom. Listening. Taking notes. Scribble . . . scribble. We thought he was so impressed with our teaching skills that he was writing down all our golden words.

At the time, I was Lutheran; Tom was Catholic.

We said to the engaged couples in the class, “Mixed-faith marriage? No problem! We’ve been married a few years and it works just fine. Listen to each other. Respect each other’s views on religion. Support each other. Encourage each other.” That’s what Tom and I were teaching in our class.

I don’t know what made me think of it again, right now, after all of these years.

They did an intervention on us. After we had taught the class, we received a visit in our home. First someone from the church office called, if I remember right, and said, “We would like to come and have a little chat with you.” The priest and the head of the marriage preparation class wanted to chat with us.

We were naïve. We thought maybe the evaluations on our sessions were really terrific. I think we thought we were going to receive an award—like a Nobel Peace Prize—for being such great marriage preparation teachers. So we said, “Sure!!” Come and visit.”

We had coffee and doughnuts because the visit was on a Saturday morning. I made sure the kitchen was clean. I think I even scoured the kitchen sink with Comet. I made sure there weren’t water spots on the coffee cups. I put folded napkins on the table. We didn’t know they were coming to fire us.

“Come in!” We welcomed them warmly, the priest and the head of the marriage preparation class. It was all polite chit chat and friendly conversation for the first few minutes. I poured coffee. We all sat around the kitchen table. We passed the doughnuts. We modestly waited for our praise.

Then the boom was lowered (as in ‘they lowered the boom’). We weren’t teaching church doctrine, they said. We weren’t in line with the “true church” message. We were radicals. We were teaching acceptance of mixed marriages. We were teaching support for each others’ religion. We were supposed to teach conversion. The non-Catholic needed to become Catholic.

So we were fired.

Well, actually, Tom threw them out. You should have seen him that day when he defended me and all my Lutheran relatives. He told that priest and that marriage preparation coordinator that he thought Lutherans were every bit as Christian as Catholics. And if they thought differently, they could just leave his house.

He threw them out. “Begone, vessels of Satan!!” (He may not have said it exactly that way. He’s not exactly a vessels-of-Satan kind of guy.)

Wow. I hadn’t thought of that in a long time. I think this was nearly 30 years ago, give or take.

In August 2010, we will be celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary. Eventually, I did become Catholic, but not because Tom “converted” me. The guy that was the head of the marriage preparation class and his wife moved away. We heard later that they were divorced. The narrow-minded priest, Father What’s-His-Name, who sat at our kitchen table, was transferred to some parish in outer-Slobovia. Or Mars. Or maybe he runs the Vatican. I don’t know what happened to him.

Times have changed. The priest we have now is very cool. His favorite band of all time is Creedence Clearwater Revival. Once he managed to work CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” into his sermon. He would never, ever fire us for teaching religious tolerance or respect for other religions. He would probably give us a standing ovation and invite us over for dinner.

I don’t know what made me think of that just now. It had to have been nearly 30 years ago. I just remembered it last night when Tom walked through the room. He’s just a short little guy; but sometimes he forgets he’s short and throws a priest out of his house, defending my honor. Then he’s ten feet tall.


bd said...

Yeah, Tom! No wonder you kept him for 37 yrs:-)

Jenny said...

Love this! One of the Catholic marriage classes Brian and I took (we had to take two different ones) was taught by a mixed denomination couple. The husband was Lutheran and the wife was Catholic.

Together they were fun and funny and an overall joyous couple. I wanted our marriage to mirror theirs.

AND...they had seven children. Before this class I had a stereotype that large families only came from Catholics. After the class my stereotype said that large families come from fun, happy, joyous couples and they didn't need to be Catholic!

Julie said...

Sooo - I am wondering if the guy who audited you is still married??? ha ha

cute blog!

Elaine said...

Great post! You are a great writer!

2to4aday said...

BD: So far, it's only 36 years. It won't be 37 until August--so Tom will have to be on his best behavior until then. Other men are continually, constantly, relentlessly hitting on me.

Jenny: Tom and I thought we were funny and overall joyous, too, until they fired us. Those marriage prep classes can be wonderful if they're done right. It makes couples talk about things they've never discussed as a couple before. Seven kids!! Makes me tired to think about . . .

Julie: We HEARD the auditor got divorced . . . and some small, evil part of us felt a little smug. Do you think less of us now?

Elaine: (blushing) Thank you. I needed that.

Messy@ Bungalow'56 said...

As a Catholic I was cringing, but so glad the story ended the way it did. We have wonderfully cool priests up here too (don't tell the Pope ;).

Anonymous said...

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