Saturday, May 31, 2008


Earlier this week, we were stopped at a stop sign by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis when we saw a man walking his dog across the street in front of us. It was a beautiful lab, leashed, trotting proudly ahead of his owner, a middle-aged Native American man. But what was so show-stoppingly amazing was that the dog was carrying a small paper McDonald’s bag in its mouth.

The bag could have contained anything—a tennis ball, for example. But I honestly believe that there was a hamburger in that bag. (Note: The bag was not big enough for the special with fries and a small drink.) And I think that man had trained his dog so well it would carry a hamburger in its mouth without eating it until the dog got to the place where his owner said it could.

The owner knew that he was causing a minor sensation at that heavily trafficked intersection with his well-trained, McDonald’s carrying dog. I knew he knew because he had a small, smug smirk on his face like “my dog’s cooler than your dog.” And he was right—his dog WAS cooler than everybody else’s dog.

That was one cool dog.

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Anonymous said...

Casey (the farm dog) is a cool dog, but she cannot run with a McDonald's bag in her mouth. Do you know why? Because Casey likes Burger King's flame broiled whopper over McDonald's Big Mac. Casey also doesn't have time to get her own fast food. She's too busy schmoozing with big wig politicians. She has her assistants get it.